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Personal Homepage of James Bass with Miscellaneous Links

Miscellaneous Calculator/Program Links

Logic Quiz

Soundex Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Timestamp calculator

Battery Life Calculator

Multiplication Practice

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

Class C Subnet Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

Crack a Protected Excel file

Find a map for a given zip code

Map of Basses Choice Plantation

Pregnancy "Due Date" Calculator

Viral Load Log10 Reduction Calculator

Android App page for Spanish Names program

Convert Degrees Minutes & Seconds into Decimal Degrees

Convert Decimal--Degrees into Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Macro-based Excel Spreadsheet (randomly generates a 1stgrade word)

Macro-based Excel Spreadsheet ( randomly generates a   3rd grade word )

Inventions and other neat stuff


Garage Stop Light

Anti-fog Goggles

My Note Buddy

Auto Water

My Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

HM Quickshifter test 65 - 180 mph

Now she has a custom tune (dyno sheet)

Pictures taken on 4/26/2015 (Me and the Beast)

My YouTube Channel

My Honda Shadow VT750DC Spirit

Honda Shadow Spirit Picture 1
Honda Shadow Spirit Picture 2

My Tomos Sprint

Tomos Sprint

DNA results

Ethnicity break-down

Paternal haplogroup

Maternal family tree

Paternal family tree

GED Buddy Program

Query the Bass Surname Database

Enter GEDmatch numbers in the Bass Surname Database

Contact me by email