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Personal Homepage of James Bass with Miscellaneous Links

Miscellaneous Calculator/Program Links

Logic Quiz

Soundex Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Timestamp calculator

Validate Email Syntax

Battery Life Calculator

Multiplication Practice

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

Class C Subnet Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

Crack a Protected Excel file

State-wide Search Craigslist

Find a map for a given zip code

Source Code for Luhn Algorithm

Map of Basses Choice Plantation

Pregnancy "Due Date" Calculator

Viral Load Log10 Reduction Calculator

Android App page for Spanish Names program

Convert Degrees Minutes & Seconds into Decimal Degrees

Convert Decimal--Degrees into Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Macro-based Excel Spreadsheet (randomly generates a 1stgrade word)

Macro-based Excel Spreadsheet ( randomly generates a   3rd grade word )

Inventions and other neat stuff


Garage Stop Light

Anti-fog Goggles

My Note Buddy

Auto Water

My Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

HM Quickshifter test 65 - 180 mph

Now she has a custom tune (dyno sheet)

Pictures taken on 4/26/2015 (Me and the Beast)

My YouTube Channel

My Yamaha FZ07

Yamaha Fz07 Picture 1
Yamaha FZ07 Picture 2

DNA results

Ethnicity break-down

Paternal haplogroup

Maternal family tree

Paternal family tree

GED Buddy Program

Query the Bass Surname Database

Enter GEDmatch numbers in the Bass Surname Database

Contact me by email