My paternal Bass ancestry

James Billy Bass (father) b. 1936
Samuel Lee Bass (grandfather) b.1914 (my grandfather is named in Admiral Bass' book as a direct descendant of Esau
William Lee Bass (great granfather) b. 1892
Samuel Ephriam Bass (2nd great grandfather) b.1860
John Ephriam Bass (3rd great ...) b.1824 Confederate soldier Co. G. 57th infantry and buried in Ebenezer Cemetery Dale County, AL
Ezekiel Bass (4th great...) b.1792
Essau Bass (5th great ...) Revolutionary war veteran
Jeremiah Bass (6th great ...) Plantation owner
Edward Bass (7th great ...)
John Bass (8th great...) married Love Harris (His remains were exhumed for a DNA project and his haplogroup was A1a)
William Bass (9th great ...)
A1a African man (10th great ...) had an affair with
Elizabeth the Nansemond (daughter of the Chief of the Nansemond tribe)