Arissa J. Bass

(Born 04-04-07 at 1:01PM)

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04/20/07_Arissa's First Movie

07/27/07_Rissie Cat


08/03/07_Arissa Eating

08/21/07_Daddy Feeding Arissa

08/24/07_Arissa turning pages in a book

12/07/07_Ma Mildred and sister Donna's visit


10 months old and walking

17 months and talking

Dad pushing Arissa on Swing

Dad pushing Arissa on Swing # 2

Arissa pushing Dad on swing

9/27/10 Arissa talking on the phone to her cousin Taylor

10/4/10 Arissa putting a geometric puzzle together

12/20/2010 Arissa dancing to Toy Story 3 song (and hitting Dad)

1/6/2011 Arissa spelling her name

3/20/2012 Arissa reading

12/28/14 Scooter Race: Arissa Razor E90 vs. Daddy Razor E200

10/16/15 Arissa and Jamie Sliding at Fall festival

10/16/15 Arissa and Jamie eating Cona Ice

10/16/15 Arissa and her friend jumping on Velcro Wall

10/16/15 Arissa and Jamie eating lollipops

Arissa and Jamie at GulfCoast Elementary Fall Festival

(2/13/16)Daddy teaching Arissa how to ride a bike

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